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Créer et Planifier la Classe-Virtuelle

créer la classe virtuelle et planifier une date exact du lancement du live

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Inviter des participants

Invité les participants Par Email

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...c'est ça!

ganger le temps et economisez vos charges

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Caractéristiques principales de la classe virtuelle


Collaborate face-to-face with your attendees in real-time enlarged video conference mode with automatic speaker detection. Enlarged conference mode supports up to 6 video streams due to screen limitation. There is no limit for audio streams.

FLUID WHITEBOARD EXPERIENCE Every pixel of the Virtual Classroom has been completely redesigned to give you the power to write or draw effortlessly. True responsive whiteboard that looks the same in all devices - be it Mobile, Web or Tablet.

LINE TOOLS AND SHAPES Powerful line tools and advanced shapes such as triangle, rhombus, pentagon, hexagon, cylinder, cube, cone and other shapes in the whiteboard makes it easy to deliver any type of creative and educational training online.


DOCUMENT READER AND ANNOTATION TOOLS Now you have full control over showing your presentations and documents in whiteboard. Rotate, annotate, highlight - all the essential document tools to engage your attendees.

CLOUD MEDIA PLAYER Instructor can control the Play, Pause, and Seek controls when streaming a video or audio file or give back the controls to attendees to control it on their own. Your videos are streamed securely using 256-bit SSL encrypted connection.


CUSTOM THEME AND BRANDING Customize your virtual classroom theme and colors by using the easy-to-use color picker tool. Brands and color are inextricably linked because color offers an instantaneous method for conveying meaning and message without words.


Classe virtuelle ?

Un outil de conférence Web collaboratif avec un tableau blanc en ligne, des salles de discussion et des capacités de partage d'écran pour les enseignants et les tuteurs qui souhaitent mener des sessions d'enseignement en ligne hautement interactives.


Pack Virtuelles Classes

  • Cours en direct illimités
  • Participants par classe live: 10
  • Durée de la classe: 90 minutes
  • Partage d'écran de groupe
  • Thème et couleurs personnalisés
  • 24/7 support

Il n'a jamais été aussi facile d'enseigner et d'apprendre en ligne

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